There are several manufacturers of roof shingles.  They can be purchased in many colors as well as different styles.  The most popular type of material used to make a shingle is asphalt.  Shingles can be used on all types of buildings as long as the pitch is greater than a 2”: 12”.   Most shingle roofs can be installed using just a 30# felt paper for the underlayment, however when the pitch is a low pitch you must use a peel & stick or two layers of 30#.  Shingles now come in many styles as well as colors.  To see some of the styles offered please contact our office.
Shingle roofs can be less costly at the time of installation, and can be the easiest roof to install on your home.  Most shingle roofs come with 20 plus year warranties.  One thing to keep in mind is that with the harsh Florida weather sometimes cheapest is not always the smartest way to go.  The Florida weather can really take its toll on a shingle roof and will have you replacing your roof before the manufacturers warranty is up on it.  This does not mean that shingle isn’t the way to go, but make sure you weigh all of the options before making a final decision.